Tully Market

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Hours: M-F 10-7, Sat 9-6, Sun 12-4

8 Clinton Street, Tully

Phone: 315-810-4200

Owner: Kathy Vernay

Food options for a wide variety of nutritional needs with an eye

toward sustainability.

We ask that the community understand that our small store size makes it impossible to get the best food prices, but we will do our best to provide a wide assortment of 'regular groceries' as well as gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free items at the lowest possible price.

Mixed Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Produce

Some of what you'll find in Tully Market

Producefrom the

Regional Market, Reeves Farms, and local growers



Frozen chicken, beef, sausages, & pork (Owasco Meats) plus Certified Organic beef from High Lonesome Farm

Canned goods and

packaged groceries

various dairy products


from Trinity Valley Dairy, Bill Bros. Dairy, 2 Kids Goat Farm, and

River Rat Cheese


from Smith's Egg Farm

Various Kinds of Breads


from Heartstone Bakery, Heidelberg Bread,

Stroehmanns & D'Italiano plus gluten free options from Schars and Udis

Maple syrup production in Quebec

Maple syrup products

from Dutch Hill Maple



from HiWire Honey

Close-up of Coffee Beans Spilling from a Bag


from Fingerlakes Coffee, Recess Coffee + store brands

Store-sliced deli: roast beef, ham, turkey, salami, American, Provolone & Swiss cheese

Frozen foods:

Meals, fish, pizza, veggies, fruits.

BBQ Hot Dogs

Gianelli's hot, sweet links and patties, plus turkey links.

Hot dogs

from Hofmann

Supermarket convenience store shelves with Potato chips snack blur abstract background

Chips, dips, juice, cider, iced tea, cold brew, sparkling water,

snacks, candy, jerky, sports drinks

Dinosaur BBQ Pulled Pork and Baked Beans

Vegan options are available

Ice cream from Friendly's, Edi's, and

Ben & Jerry's, Gelato bars,

Klondike bars and Oreo bars

Frozen raw shrimp, salmon, and tilapia.

We stock items that are locally grown and produced such as Dinosaur BBQ, Gianelli's sausages, Hofmann's hot dogs, Trinity Valley Dairy milk and cheese curds, Heartstone Bakery breads, Heidelberg Breads, Dutch Hill Maple products, Hiwire Honey, 2 Kids Goat Farm goat cheese and goat soaps, Recess and Fingerlakes coffees, Beak & Skiff cider and CBD sparkling water, Labrador Mountain Magic candles and wild blackberries, Balsam Rose soaps, Deb Putman's photographs and prints, Amelia's Avocado Salsa, Guttendorfs Wintry Acres garlic, cage free eggs, and baked goods, Mrs. Poole's pies, Pasta Sauce from In My Father's Kitchen, Riggie Sauce from Rella's Originals, organic beef from High Lonesome Farm in Cincinnatus and eggs from Smith's Egg Farm. We do struggle to keep the number of miles on our products at a minimum.